Mr. Walker has explored and forged new ground through use of the computer as a design tool with his three-dimensional animation capabilities to create a new way of looking at the design process. While at the University of Utah, Jory received many honors and scholarships including the Arcom Computer Design Scholarship, The University of Utah Teaching Fellowship and an A.I.A.S. Award for Design. He has also spent time as guest faculty at the University of Utah. Over the last 12 years, Jory has had the opportunity to work with many top designers throughout the United States in conceptualizing and developing hundred million-dollar projects. With a creative eye Jory pays close attention to details and quality design, and is well respected as one of the leading designers in the state.

Project Experience: Meadowbrook Station Project Designer BWA 2008 Tahoka Park Project Designer BWA 2007 Varliano Mixed-Use Facility Project Designer BWA 2007 The Grove at Pleasant Grove Project Designer BWA 2007 Utah County Board of Realtors Corp Office Project Designer BWA 2007 Thanksgiving Park Project Designer BWA 2007 Union Heights Project Designer BWA 2006 Pleasant Grove Development Project Designer BWA 2006 South Pointe Office Park Project Designer BWA 2005 Jordan Landing Office Project Designer BWA 2005 Vencenza 10 Story Resort Design Architect BWA 2004 Riverpark Retail Design Architect BWA 2003 Riverpark Medical Design Architect BWA 2003 Millrock Office Park Design Architect BWA 2003 Tooele Bowling Buddy's Design Architect BWA 2003 KUTV News Studio / Office Design Architect BWA 2003 Redman Office / Condos Design Architect BWA 2003 Redwood Medical Office Design Architect BWA 2002 Perma Plate Office Design Architect BWA 2002 Utah Water Sports Design Architect BWA 2002 Tooele Valley Medical Office Design Architect BWA 2001 Sandy Technological Office Park, Phase 1 Design Architect BWA 2001 Christopherson Travel Office Building Design Architect BWA 2001 Pacific Commercial Prop. Office Building Design Architect BWA 2000 Jordan Gateway Plaza, Phase I, II, & III Design Architect BWA 2000 Brickhouse Office Building Design Architect BWA 2000 2500 Waterton Place, Phase II Design Architect BWA 1999 Mayan/Restaurant Jordan Commons Food Court Design Architect BWA 1999 Riverpark Masterplan Design Architect BWA 1999 Kirtland Flats Master Plan Design Architect BWA 1999 Waterton Place Design Architect BWA 1999 Mandalay Bay Hotel Design Architect BWA 1998 Circus Circus, Reno Design Architect BWA 1997 Luxor Hotel and Casino Design/Detailing BWA 1997 Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino Design/Detailing BWA 1996

Education: Master of Architecture, University of Utah, 1994 Bachelors of Science in Architectural Studies, University of Utah, 1993 Bachelors of Fine Arts, University of Utah, 1991

Employment History: Beecher Walker & Associates, 1996 - Present Western Architectural Services, 1996 - 1997 Architectural Images, 1994 - 1996 MHTN Architects, 1994 - 1996 Denis Butler and Associates, 1991 - 1994

Professional Licenses: Utah, Vegas, Texas, Washington, Florida